Thursday, September 18, 2008

The First Fluffy Caterpillar of Fall

**I almost stepped on this fist fluffy Caterpillar of the Fall.
 He lifted his head up from his fast paced escape to pose for this picture. 
So glad I didn't step on him.
 So, I expect, was He.
 Captain and I encountered him at the very lovely Marsh Creek State Park, One of our Favorite Spots.**

A Fallen Nest, and a Blue Heron, But Not in That Order

**This time, to Captain's Dismay, only a quick walk on a short trail in a small park along side
 Rt. 202.
Captain Spies a Fallen nest, and the tree from which it fell, and not a moment earlier, the lovely surprise of a Blue Heron, in an unexpected place. Couldn't unholster my Iphone camera quick enough**

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Noticing Game, and How it All Began

When My Children Were Little, and I'd take them for walks or hikes or camping, I taught them a game called the Noticing Game. Since I was the type of kid myself who noticed a lot, especially outdoors, and found it quite fulfilling, I wanted them to share in it too. 

The Game Had Only two Rules:

1. Look for Something Interesting
2. Share it. 

My kids are teenagers now, and, well, It's harder to get their attention that way. 
I, on the other hand still like to play It. 
The Intention of this Blog is to Show You Things I've Noticed while Walking or Hiking. Sadly We don't do much camping any more, but The Noticing Game can be played just about any place, together or alone,  and if you leave it for a while, you can always return, For the Noticing Game is Especially fond of Prodigal Sons
and Daughters.