Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lantana and Leaps, Instincts and Rhythms

**If you look very closely, you'll notice the grasshopper on this beautiful Lantana I was watering on my Deck the other Day.**
 I was excited to see it because:
Grasshoppers Symbolize: New Leaps Forward in life. Trust in you own instincts and Rhythms--The ability to take Chances and Leap Forward--and the courage in Doing So.

Fat and Lengthy EarthWorms on Usual Jaunts, and Executive Decisions

**A Fat, and lengthy Earthworm slithering through the leaves and rocks on one of our Usual Jaunts through Marsh Creek State Park**

I've made the Executive Decision, as we speak, to include Native American Totem symbolisms when Animals, Insects or Reptiles are Noticed, So here Goes...
Earthworms Represent: Growth, Regeneration, Healing and Reflection.

Caterpillars and Spiders and Totems, Oh MY!

**Side By side, crawling up my house was this unlikely Pair. A VERY large spider and a wooly Caterpillar. This was the second VERY large Spider I saw outside my home, and not long after, We found a few indoors! Right before bedtime, in the bedrooms, no less. Eeek! Not My cup of Tea**

Interesting Note:
As Native American Totems, Animals, insects and
reptiles are representative of lessons we are called to learn. 

The Lesson of the Spider is: Balance, Wisdom, Creativity and Communication. 
The Lesson of the Caterpillar is: preparedness for transformation, and the quality of inching along, or moving slowly, moment by moment, for the greater good of the transformation ahead. 
(Synchronistically, I keep hearing the song "One Step at a Time", By Jordan Sparks)

I have never failed to see a connection in the out-of -the ordinary animal sitings, and what's happening in my life at the moment.
Happy Trails....